Management Committee Members

Management Committee members are elected at the AGM on annual basis. Their role is to develop the organisation and to make sure the organisation achieves its aims and objectives. The aims and objectives are set out in our constitution and our business plan.

Elizabeth Hellmich MBE


I have been involved with the Millan Centre since at least 2001, firstly as Management Committee Minutes Secretary and as Chair person.

I was born and brought up in Heaton and have lived here all my life. I attended local schools and Bradford College. I have worked in Child Care and Education since being 16 yrs old. I am still working at a local primary school and as Chair of Governors at a different Primary School as well as with a Bradford Stage School. One of my main responsibilities is for Safeguarding.

I set up the SAFE Project after the Bradford Riots to help women and children who were traumatised by the horrific events that took place particularly in this area this gained worldwide recognition. I am still working voluntarily on similar issues.

I enjoy working and living in Heaton and enjoy the company diversity and friendliness of everyone.

Saliha Sadiq


I was born locally and attended schools both near my home and then further afield when I went to senior school. I have worked with Bradford residents since 1993.

I am a trained Counsellor, Social Worker and Mental Health Practitioner. I now work for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

I volunteer as a fundraiser and supporter of the Kashmir Human Rights Team and the Indus Hospitals Fundraising Team; I am also a trustee of the Kashmir Education Foundation. I have been happy to serve as a Committee Member for the Millan Centre for the last five years and I am working as part of the Mental Health team (Safer Than Ever) at the Centre and I am co-running the Emerald Girls Group.

Joanna Allan


I have lived in Manningham for over forty years now and have worked as a teacher locally until retirement in 2009.

I am a member and active on several management committees including Manningham Project and the ARK charity shop (outreach arm of the local churches). I am chair of a local primary school. I have local knowledge and my skills include administration and accountancy.

Mollie Somerville


I was born and brought up in the Manningham/Heaton area of Bradford and I have worked as a teacher and lecturer in Manningham for many years until retirement in 2010.

I am a member of several management committees and active in local charities and companies, Manningham Project (advice);  Bradford Nightstop (homeless young people) as well as interfaith groups and local ecumenical projects and church.

I have local knowledge and my skills include management of people, organising events and troubleshooting.

Isabel Arnold

Committee Member

I was an English language teacher and I am now retired. I enjoy the Millan Centre's Over 50s group. While helping the cook in the kitchen I have learned about cooking rice, dahl and spicy vegetables especially. I also take part in the Exercises! 

I like gardening and I help at a nearby women's community allotment. 

My grandchildren live in Norfolk so learning to use Zoom and WhatsApp has been very useful! It's never too late to learn!


Shabina Aslam

Committee Member

I am an experienced Producer, Teacher and Theatre-maker with thirty years post qualifying experience, currently doing a PhD on Bussing Out, please use the link below for more information. I have worked with BBC Radio Drama, London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), Ankur Productions in Glasgow, Contact Theatre in Manchester, Kali Theatre in London and M.A.C in Birmingham. I can persuade and influence, have strong leadership skills and deliver successful outcomes. I bring my knowledge of the evolving cultural sector, my credibility and my network of artists, communities and institutions in Yorkshire and the North.

I would like to be part of the Management Committee of The Millan Centre as I believe Management should be representative of the local demographic, which like myself is predominantly working class Asian and Muslim. I have lived in the immediate vicinity most of my life and close family members have benefitted from the services. I wish to ensure services continue, are appropriate to the needs of local women and are successful.

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