Courses and Groups

We run a variety of courses and groups for women and girls. The aim of our courses is to develop women's skills and confidence. The courses are open to women over 19 years old.

Girls under 18 are welcome to our Saturday morning sessions, you can collect a form from the centre and we will require consent from your parent/s or guardian/s.

If you are interested in any of our courses or would like to suggest a new course please call us on 01274 480691 or email Please note that most of our courses are booked up very quickly on a first come first served basis, so please make sure you contact us quickly if wish to enrol! 

We look forward to seeing you all back at the Centre soon! 

Over 50s Group


The Millan Centre's Over 50s Group has been running for about 15 years. It is the most successfully run group with up to 30 women attending each session. The group now runs a four-hour session per week every Wednesday. The session includes an exercise class and the ladies participate in various activities such as knitting, arts and crafts and safety sessions. They have also been on trips to York, White Rose Shopping Centre, Blackpool and Bradford industrial Museum. The group has also participated in Neighbourhood Forums, AGMs (Annual General Meetings) and has campaigned successfully in the past to keep the Millan Centre open.

Snacks and lunch are provided for £3.50, we serve healthy food. Our aim is to encourage women to eat healthier food which will enable them to improve their health. The women can choose from jacket potatoes, fish, fruit and salad to meet their dietary requirements.

The group has taken part a variety of classes and activities such as, English Classes, IT Classes, Recycle Project, Knitting, Exercise Sessions, Healthy Eating, Socialising and Discussions on topics such as health and nutrition. The activities allow the women to learn new skills as well as being able to socialise with one another.

The group has also had health information such as for diabetes and other long-term medical conditions through talks from health professionals. This enables the women to gain knowledge on topics that may concern them and improve their general health and well being.

If you or someone you know has any suggestions of a healthy recipe for our Over 50s Group Menu, then please send it to Zubeda at the Millan Centre .

Or if you would like to join the over 50s group, please call us on 01274 480691 or email


"My name is Zo Jan. I've been coming to the group for about 12-14 years. I take part in the activities and I like doing knitting. I enjoy being together with other ladies. In the future, I would like to see more activities."

"My name is Tasneem Kausar. I have been coming to the group for about 3 years. I have taken part in knitting, exercise, computer classes and discussions. The thing I enjoy the most about the group is the gathering and talking to ladies. I will encourage others to come as we enjoy ourselves. The talks and activities like English and the Computer classes were really good."

Emerald Girls Group


Our Emerald Girls Group meets during term time Saturdays from 12 noon to 1pm, we make the hour a safe, fun and learning experience for girls aged 10 to 17. We have speakers, hold cooking sessions, art sessions and much more.

To enroll your daughter please contact Elizabeth Hellmich on 07815 941459 

Sewing Class


This course will enable students to make traditional wearable garments. Come along to join our creative sewing class to enhance your sewing skills. During this course you will learn many new sewing techniques and methods in drafting sewing patterns for wearable garments.

The focus will be on Asian women's wear. You will gain skills in pattern drafting, measuring/measurements, marking, adapting patterns, cutting, and constructing a garment from start to finish.

The aim of the course is to allow you to develop sewing skills using various strategies, techniques and methods and to inspire students to create unique garments.

Digital Skills


This course provides a good starting point in the everyday uses of computers and the internet in a relaxed and friendly environment. The course will cover finding information using the internet, downloading apps, how to use Canvas and Zoom for online learning and how to stay safe online.

The course aim is to learn how to get to grips with basic IT skills, how to search the internet, download apps, learn online with Zoom and Canvas and feel confident using a computer or laptop.

Gardening Class


This will be a fun and enjoyable gardening course. You will be able to take part in gardening activities in class such as planting, potting and growing your own flowers. You will learn about different aspects of gardening as well, and read information about how to garden and what to grow.

We will have access to an outdoor space to grow things in and you will be able to take some bulbs and seeds home to grow yourself.

This course provides an overview of simple gardening and enables students to begin to learn about how to garden and grow plants.

Exercise Class


Offering variety to your workout, classes can be enjoyed sociably as well as helping you to achieve better weight control, agility, flexibility, strength and stamina. We provide a varied classes which are suitable for mixed ability levels, we are sure there is something for everyone!

Our class is delivered by a qualified and engaging instructor, who will help you to get the most out of your regime!

Mehndi Class


Learn how to create a range of traditional motifs and then go on to create your own freestyle henna designs. You will be shown how to make henna cones and henna paste and how to apply this to skin.

Confidence Building


Confidence building through arts and crafts. The Students will enjoy the life affirming pleasures of making art, whilst building confidence and gaining skills and knowledge in different areas of art practice. 

Introduction to Make Up Class


Our Introduction to Make Up Class will provide you with a wide range of basic make up application techniques. You will study the use of basic make up techniques to enhance the eyes, lips, and skin and understand the importance of learning make up skills and practising basic makeup techniques.

Mental Health


Mental Health Counselling and arts-based classes to help people suffering from Covid19 related Mental Health issues. Service users will progress from individual sessions to groups then art and drama to build their confidence, remove fears and enable them to become active citizens.



8 weeks course with enrolment on 13 January 2023

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