Millan Centre Reopening, COVID19 Risk Assessment and Policy

Active for the times that Covid19  is deemed a risk to Millan Centre users, staff, tutors, workers and service providers.

Risk Assessment is to also be treated as Policy and Procedure.

Active from September 1st 2020.

Updates will be added and dated as required. 


Identified Building associated Hazards Who might be harmed and how if precautions are not followed How risks must be controlled Further Action and Date By whom Comments
Exposure to SRS-Cov-2 (Covid 19) All service Users, workers, tutors , workers and Service providers Risks and alleviation methods to be followed are as set out below .   EH  
Cleaning All service Users, workers, tutors , workers and Service providers Good housekeeping to be observed at all times along with additional Covid cleaning requirements at meal break times and at the end of the day and other times as required. Sanitizer stations available throughout the building. Door handles sanitized throughout the day.   Caretaker, tutors and all staff  
Sanitizing All users Provided throughout the building   All users and staff  
Responsibilities Tutors Tutors must check that their rooms comply with this policy, if they feel there is an issue they must notify Admin so they can arrange to have the problem resolved. Do not walk through other learners other than those in your bubble. Fabric seating must not be used, wipe able surfaces only   Tutors  
Admission requirements No one will be allowed into the building without facemasks Everyone must wear a face mask for the protection of others, exemptions are tutors and certain sufferers of certain illnesses  who are advised to wear a face shields instead   Updated sheet available All users  
Social distancing All people entering using, visiting the Millan Centre Signage and information leaflets. Verbal information to everyone entering the building. Seating and desks set out and areas marked out.   All users and staff  
One way system All people entering using, visiting the Centre Signage, markers and information posters displayed   Everyone using the Centre  
Hand washing All people entering using, visiting the Millan Centre Posters and verbal information displayed and verbal encouragement to be used   Everyone using the Centre  
Office social distancing Admin and office users Masks must be worn if more than one person  is in the office   Office and Admin staff.  
Open windows All people entering using, visiting the Millan Centre Not possible , external doors  to be open but not the front door. No Fans to be used unless placed in front of exterior door to encourage the circulation of clean air.   Tutors/ cook  on entering if not previously done by Admin Staff  
Surface repair Screens  for reception Admin and Caretaker Caretaker to be informed of repairs needed by Admin, anyone finding an item or surface needing repair must inform admin   Admin, Staff and caretaker  
Signage dual language All people entering using, visiting the Millan Centre Dual language signage not needed as information will also be given verbally   Admin  
Cleaning priority areas Increase frequency All people entering, using, visiting the Millan Centre Admin to clean during the day between classes, tutors to ensure the equipment they use is cleaned after use.   All people entering, using, visiting the Millan Centre  
Control numbers entering building/Screening for illness All people entering, using, visiting the Millan Centre Visitors must make appointments, they will not be allowed in otherwise. Anyone coming into the building must give assurance that they are not ill and have no CV 19 symptoms. If yes then they will be refused entry by Admin or tutors until they are symptom free.   Admin and tutors  
Numbers entering building/effect on neighbours All people entering using, visiting the Millan Centre N/A   N/A  
Isolation of the ill Anyone deemed as unwell For any reason while using the Millan Centre Person ill will be seated in foyer or disabled toilet  whichever is appropriate and they must be collected or sent home by taxi immediately. Admin to organise. Use full PPE   Admin, Tutors, staff.  
How to fund additional safety measures All people entering using, visiting the Millan Centre Govt funding   Admin  
Signing in and Track and Trace Admin and class tutors NO PAPER to be used. Class lists to be kept on laptop by tutor, marked in/out for classes and then emailed to Admin at the end of every lesson/day. List must include all contact details of tutor and learners.   Admin and class tutors  
Can activity take place with social distancing and PPE Admin and class tutors If social distancing of either type cannot be observed then the activity must not take place   Admin and class tutors  
What is maximum number of people Inc tutors Everyone taking part in activities including staff 8 learners and max 2 staff per class room   Tutors and Admin  
Additional risks – exercise etc How long is activity – can it be shortened Everyone taking part in activities including staff Not allowed at present      
How to inform participants if cancelled Tutors and Admin Learners to be informed by text and phone call   Tutors and Admin  
Food hygiene and refreshments Everyone using the Millan Centre Individuals must bring own water bottles. Elderly group food will be overseen by cook and group leader. No food or utensils  to be shared by anyone.   Everyone taking part in activities including staff  
Inform of risk if visiting Everyone who is not involved in the lessons, work and events ongoing at the time of requested visit. Anyone wanting to visit to be encouraged to resolve issue via telephone. Visiting only in an emergency.   Admin and staff  
What we will do if rules are flouted . All people entering using, visiting the Millan Centre Reasons for use of PPE to be explained if individual/s still refuse to comply they will be asked to leave.   Admin, Staff and tutors  
Do we allow people in who should be shielding All relevant people Only if they sign to say the understand the risks as they are at the time and that the Millan Centre will not be responsible if the individual/s become ill as a result of their actions. Advise to person to conduct business via telephone or online.   Admin  
Protecting BAME All BAME Users. This R/A and policy is the protection   Management Committee  
Do we need further communication assistance Info onto web site All involved in or with the Millan Centre Policy and RA will be on the website. Should further information be required it will be gained from local and government published  information and added to this Policy  and website   Management Committee  
Who can’t access services even with help, how can we include them Individually assessed as required Assessed individually and provision of suitable services discussed   Management Committee and Admin  
Staff and volunteers          
Do we allow workers who should be shielding As relevant Only if they provide a signed letter saying that the Millan Centre is not responsible if they fall ill with Covid19 and that they understand all the risks involved.      
Can we provide PPE For Staff only and spares to purchase for users Masks, gloves, sanitizer and aprons for First Aid. Sanitizer stations in all class rooms   Admin  
What are safe levels for staffing Staff and Management Committee 2 leaders per class max as long as 2 mtr or 1.5 mtr +mask is observed   Admin and tutors  
First aid – is update training needed Staff Updates to be ongoing   Admin  
Who needs and how often for safety training Staff Updates to be ongoing   Management Committee  
Have staff been training re two emergencies happening at the same time Staff Informed that 1 will be dealt with by admin and one by tutor   Management Committee  
Refunds to be made by card. Admin, users and anyone requiring payment No monies to be used   Admin  
Who is responsible for safety actions Management Committee, Admin and tutors If Tutors do not follow our Policy  they will be reminded to follow policy and asked if problems occurred that prevented them doing so. Relevant actions will then be taken   Everyone  
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