Case studies

Here is a selection of experiences local women and girls have had and benefitted from at the Millan Centre.

Ambiya Siddique (Work Experience)

My name is Ambiya Siddique and I go to Belle Vue Girls School. I really like my School I am in year eleven and I am 15. I am studying childcare course I also do English, ASDAN, Maths, Citizenship and I already got a gold certificate in Science. I really enjoy doing ASDAN, it is one of my favourite lesson because it is a variety of topics so a like it.

For our work experience I chose Millan centre as I knew that it was nice place but I wanted to know more about it, so I asked my career  teacher if I could have my work experience at the  Millan centre. One of my friends had also told me about the Millan centre, so I was interested to know more about it. When my citizenship teacher gave me my work experience placement slip I was so happy to hear that my work experience was at the Millan Centre. When I arrived at the Millan centre I was bit scared but now I really like Millan Centre. It does a variety of things like: English classes, Mehndi classes, sewing classes, mother and toddler group, playgroup, crèches for children whilst their mums are on courses. There also is an over 50’s group and much more. Why don’t you try it for yourself:

Whilst I have been at the Millan centre I have been involved in a variety work tasks such as Admin, Childcare, IT, photocopying, and attended a meeting about impact of the centre.  

Maqsood Begum

I have been using the centre when it first opened on 1988. I used to bring my children to the play group. I also came to all classes that were suitable for me for example; English, Glass Painting and Urdu class.

I have always been interested in Learning English. It was very important for me because I needed it in daily life when going to the doctors etc. and to become more in dependant; since then I have been coming to the classes on and off.

I have also been to Cooking and Sewing classes. I managed to learn some basic skill which benefited me personally for assistance I could sew my own clothes. I also attended Mehndi classes.

I used to bring my grandchild here too. I have also been involved in campaigns when Millan Centre was under threat of closure.

At the moment I attend Exercise classes, over 50’s group, aromatherapy and English classes.  I am under pressure from the job centre to gain employment but I have never worked and I can’t speak very much English.

I feel that the Milan Centre is like a home to me. I have been here for most of my life and have made lots of friends here. “I came as a young woman and still use the centre as an older woman.”

I feel it’s very good, very informative and helpful. A lot of classes take place here, making it beneficial for all ages. “We should look after the centre and treat it as our own, with respect.”

Mazda Parveen

I did an IT course as I did not know anything about computers. I learnt basic skills such as turning on the computer, Word, email and Facebook.

In the future I want to work with children and do further courses.

I have worked in crèches at Lilycroft School.

Nimra Naz Ilyas (Work Experience)

Hi my name is Nimra Naz Ilyas I am 14 years old and I am a year 10 student in Titus Salt School. I have two sisters and no brothers at the moment. I live in Heaton, Bradford BD9 and I am from Pakistan.

I am currently doing English, Math, Additional Science, ICT Nationals and a BTEC course in Heath and Social. At first I wasn’t that confident in doing health and social but because of my sister I got a lot of information on what health and social is and what it’s like. I love doing all my subjects as I learn a lot from it because of all the interesting information it has got in it.

I am recently working in the Millan Centre which I chose to work for my work experience. There are many reasons to why I chose to do my work experience placement here, here are a few: I chose to do it here, firstly because I used to come here when I was a kid but left but I had a very good experience in the Millan centre before. At that time in the Millan centre I achieved a lot of confidence due the help that I got. This was the best experience and it also gave me a lot of confidence to speak out loud and do the things that I wanted to do freely without any worries and I would like to thank the Millan centre for all the support that they gave me and got.

On my first day in the Millan centre I was very nervous but I tried my best to get used to it and try to interact with the playful, loveable and cute children and also to try to talk in a good manner with all the staff although I was still nervous but as the days were going past I got very used to it and now I just really enjoy all because of all the kind, respectful and nice staff. In the Millan centre there is so much to do that it will never give you a chance to get bored for example: there are Mehndi classes, English classes, Mother and toddler group, Play group and crèches for children to do while their mothers are participating in other fun and educational classes in the Millan centre and more importantly there is an over 50’s group so that the women who are 50 and over 50 years old can get the opportunity again to learn the stuff that they forgot or they never learnt before so that they get the idea of how things are done in the world.

For now I have decided that I am going to work as hard as I can to get the best results as possible in all my subjects so that I can decide later on for my future for example: what job is best for me and if it is suitable or not for me. 

In the future I have decided that I am going to hopefully work in a hospital like working as a dental nurse or even in a medical lab or in such a place where it will bring mine and my family’s future better and happier.

It has been so far a really great pleasure of spending time with the staff and the children and I would like to thank the Millan centre for what they have done for the children and the whole of the Millan centre and also making them really proud by them achieving something.

By Nimra Naz Ilyas

Reema Fiaz

Hi my name is Reema Fiaz. I am 19 years old. I have one brother and one sister. I come from Pakistan and I live in Bradford.

What I want to do in the future is to learn to speak English, learn to read and write pronunciation and I also want to improve on my spelling.

I came to the Millan Centre to learn English. I learn to speak, read and write but I want to improve my spelling pronunciation and I also want to improve on my speaking more. I want to do an IT course in the future.   

Sabila Akhtar (Volunteering)

My name is Sabila Akthar and I am a volunteer in the over 50’s group in Millan Centre. 

I really love my voluntary work. It’s been very exciting to work with the staff. I enjoy doing the tasks and the staff is very nice and welcoming. The ladies over 50’s are very nice. So far I have gained lots of experience and I’ve got more confidence whilst doing my voluntary work.

Safia Parveen

I had no idea about the Millan Centre until my friends told me about all the help that they can give me to improve my English and all the other kinds of things that I didn’t get to learn.

When I first visited the Millan Centre I was very nervous with the class and teachers but now I am used to everybody and now I like it here in the Millan Centre. I also think that the staff are all kind, nice and helpful.

I started working at as cleaner and did some Crèche work too at the Millan Centre.  I want to do more work with children in the future. I am hoping do a childcare course in the future because I like working with children.

I did an IT course recently at the Millan Centre and I liked it because the teacher explained everything in a good way and it was very educational and interesting. Before doing the IT course I only knew how to turn on and off the computer but now I know how to use the internet and find websites such as Face book also I know how to use word. I did my CV when I was on the IT course. The IT course has given me basic IT skills which will be useful in my work with children.

I have now left Millan Centre as I have another job. Since September 2012 I started working as a school meals assistant at a local school on a part time basis. They have now offered me more hours.

Saima Kauser (Volunteering)

I’ve been volunteering in Milan centre for six months. I was really nervous when I started working here I didn’t know what to do and how to do things. The staff in playgroup and the office staff showed me how to use the computer in more detail. I really enjoyed watching the two members of staff in playgroup as they were teaching me how to deal with children’s behaviour, how to play with children as well.

When coming to Millan Centre I’ve become more confident in myself by talking to parents, staff and children. I’ve really enjoyed my experience with everyone and will be sad to go. 

Sultana Naseem

My name is sultana Naseem and I have been volunteering at the Millan Centre for about 3 years. As a volunteer I have taken part in various jobs such as admin work, playgroup and generally helping out at the centre, I have improved my confidence and learnt new skills such as communication skills, IT, admin skills and working with children.

I have also taken opportunity to develop my other skills and interests by enrolling on to various courses such as Sewing class and IT. In my sewing class I have learnt to cut, draw and sew Punjabi suits (Salwar Kameez). I feel more confident when I am cutting the outfit here with guidance from my tutor. I recently cut and made an outfit at home from skills that I learnt at the Millan Centre. The other skills the sewing course has helped me to develop are Math’s and English. In my IT class I also developed my basic IT skills.

I feel comfortable at this centre to learn and develop as it is a women only centre. The staff are nice and friendly and they have helped me to gain and develop my skills.     

Yasmin Akhtar (Classes at Millan Centre)

My name is Yasmin Akhtar, I have studied Childcare Level 1, Entry 3 Numeracy and Entry 3 Functional Skills.  I am going to study Level 1 Numeracy and Functional Skills in September. I also hope to continue attending an IT class at the Millan Centre.

I came to IT classes to learn it skills to help me search for jobs, and apply for jobs on line.  I feel that it skills are very important in a persons life.

Before iI came to this IT class I did not have any confidence or knowledge in using a computer.  During the sessions i have learnt to use the keyboard and its features.  I feel more confident in using the computer as I have learnt basic it skills. These skills will help me to gain employment.

Currently I am doing voluntary work at the Millan Centre which is helping me to take forward what i have learnt from the it class.  These IT skills will enable me to apply for  jobs that require basic IT skills.

However, I need further IT skills, which will help me to better myself even more, thus be able to apply online for jobs on my own, therefore I need to attend more it classes.

Zara Arshad

My name is Zara Arshad, I am 20 years of age and so far I have studied GCSEs, A-Level and now I am currently in my final year at University of Bradford studying Health, Well-Being and Social Care. I have a career interest in nursing either adult or child. 

I first came to Millan Centre for my first year placement as part of University coursework. After my placement had come to an end I decided to enroll for volunteering and worked as a volunteer for quite a while. By doing voluntary work I had gained more experience and learned many new skills which would help me when pursuing a career.

Whilst I have been at the Millan centre I have been involved in a variety work tasks such as Admin, Childcare, IT, photocopying. I worked with the playgroup most of the time. However, I also helped out in other groups such as Over 50s and ESOL. The staff I worked with was ‘VERY NICE’ and made me feel very welcomed and appreciated me being there to support them in their activities within their classes.

Shazia Khannam (Sewing Class)

I am half way through the second 10 weeks sessions. When I first joined the Sewing classes, I was unable to sew even in a straight line. After the first 10 week sessions I was able to stitch a basic salwar kameez. Sajida Aunty  (tutor)is an excellent teacher. Her method of teaching consists of detailed instructions that include exact measurements that have been adapted to my fitting. She has encouraged us to make detailed notes, so that we are able to refer back to them. I am now able to design various outfits and with the instructions that Aunty Sajida provides, I am able to produce more complicated outfits.

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